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Our History

Dr. Dencie Lee and Blair EubankWhen my daughter started the process of selecting a college, I realized I would have to take on a weekend part-time job to pay for college tuition. I considered all the local little shops, and had settled on possibly a job at a local department store, but there was another idea brewing for additional income.

I had been singing and performing for almost 30 years, and thought maybe someone would be interested in voice lessons. So, I asked a close personal friend about my idea, and she thought it was a great idea.

Thus began the foundation for Dencie Lee School of Performing Arts, LLC., and I started teaching voice lessons in my home with four vocal students. I quickly realized people wanted piano, so I moved forward in the next session with seven students.

After about four years, we had outgrown my home, and decided to move to one of the buildings at Maranatha Church. My enrollment had grown, requiring me to add an additional instructor.

Today, we have 7 instructors on staff, and every year we've grown by 25-50% in enrollment. We teach children beginning at age three and all the way up through adults of any age. We offer art, drawing, dance, drums, guitar, piano, movement, music, pageant prep, theater art, voice, video editing and academic tutoring. Our mission is to not only offer fine arts instruction and academic tutoring, but also provide an atmosphere that is conducive to learning, growing, and being creative. We do so much more than teach; we inspire.

We feel at DLSPA, especially when it comes to our children, they're going to choose an avenue to express himself. Why not help them find one that will last a lifetime? Fine arts truly are one of the things that stick with us for our entire lives.

Dr. Dencie Lee

Dencie Lee School of Performing Arts

15225 Interstate 10
Baytown Tx 77523

p. (281) 802-7514
e. dencie@dlspa.net