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Since August 2017 when Dlspa obtained our current building, it’s been our desire to provide a homeschool support program at Dencie Lee School of Performing Arts, LLC.  Many of our current and previous families have approached us requesting this type of program.  After much prayer and strategy, we will offer OnTrack Academics.  This is a support/tutorial program for the K – 8th grade homeschooler.  Let us help you, keep them on track.


Our OnTrack staff brings tremendous credentials to the table. 

Ms. Debbie Crow has a Bachelor of Science in Education, Master of Science in Education and is also certified by the state of Texas in Elementary Education, English as a Second Language, and Psychology.   Debbie has 37 years of teaching in the public school system. 


Ms. Angela Hernandez, has an Associates Degree in Applied Science, and brings several years homeschool experience with her own children. She is versed in co-ops and a variety of resources available to the homeschoolers.

Dr. Dencie Lee has a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Education and earned her Doctorate of Divinity for more than 40 years of fulltime ministry , community service and musical experience.

This staff brings education and experience to the table to help provide a positive, healthy environment for your homeschoolers to stay OnTrack.  



OnTrack Academics a Christian home school curriculum for grades Kinder-9th, designed by a team of accomplished educators. Our teachers will help your student stay on track with the principle of comprehension, mastering content, and then progressing to the next level.  Homeschool support may be based on individual need, or covering all main subjects, History & Geography, Language Arts, Math, and Science. For younger students, the Alpha Omega curriculum is preferred and for older students, BJU Press is preferred.

Tutoring Only

There are situations where a student is currently enrolled in ‘virtual learning’ with a public or private school system and is need of tutoring.  This might be a temporary learning platform until in-classroom learning has returned.   Student will be enrolled in Support Track A or B, with no curriculum purchase required. Parent must provide curriculum, worksheets, lessons, etc., during tutoring.   Registration, tuition and supply fees will remain due.

Completion of tutoring will be agreed upon by both teacher and parent.


Guided Reading, Art, Music, Basic Keyboard, Guitar, Citizenship, Penmanship, Science Lab may be added for additional cost for our additional Extra Curriculum Classes.


OnTrack Academics is 2-day or 3-day per week program.  Classes meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with two options on school day –Support Track A 8:30 am – 12:00 pm or Support Track B 8:30 am – 2:00 pm.  Tuition is based on Support Track selected. Wednesday is a tutorial day and must be scheduled prior. 

Calendar will run with the Barbers Hill ISD calendar.   Classes will begin in August and conclude in May.  Should your student require an additional day during the week to remain on track, we will discuss one on one.  Tuition adjustment will be required to support the extra day.


Financial Responsibility

We use a contactless payment system.  Upon agreement signing, Auto Pay must be selected within your account and Registration, Curriculum and Tuition will be paid through our online system and receipt will be emailed.  We do not accept cash or check. Should card on file fail to run, there is a 3 day period to input new card info without penalty.  After 3 days, a $35.00 late fee will be added to your account. Please note tuition increase as of July 1, 2022.


            Registration Fee $200.00


            Curriculum/Book Fee $            (Includes all 4 main subjects)



            There are three options for payment:


            Support Track A 8:30 am – 12:00 pm

            Monthly              10 payments of $300.00

                                       Due on 1st of each month (Aug-May)


            Semi-Annual      2 payments of  $1500.00

                                       Due August 1st and January 1st


            Annual               1 payment of $3000.00

                                       Due August 1st, or upon enrollment


            Support Track B 8:30 am- 2:00 pm

            Monthly              10 payments of $400.00

                                       Due on 1st of each month (Aug-May)


            Semi-Annual      2 payments of  $2000.00

                                      Due August 1st and January 1st


            Annual               1 payment of $4000.00

                                      Due August 1st, or upon enrollment


            Supplies Fee $100.00.



Once the agreement has been approved, commitment is for the duration of the agreed upon tenure.  Tuition will remain due regardless of attendance. 

Daily Schedule   

Classes will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays, Support Track A 8:30 am -12 pm or Support Track B 8:30 am – 2:00 pm, upon approval. Support Track B will have a  Lunch Break from 12:00-12:30 pm.  Lunch must be brought.  A microwave and refrigerator is available.  Students will be allowed into the building at 8:15 am.  Parent must wait with student until that time.  All students must be picked up no later than 10 minutes after dismissal time to avoid additional fees. 

Enrollment Process

Enrollment process is completed online at  Completed online application, along with Registration Fee, Curriculum Fee, and Tuition is due upon enrollment.  Auto Pay must be selected, as we are a contactless payment system.  Process is not completed until all paid.  A meeting will be schedule prior to school beginning.


DLSPA is a Christian based organization.  Misbehavior will not be tolerated and management reserves the right to discontinue enrollment at any time. 


Please keep in mind OnTrack Academics is a support/tutorial program to assist you, the parent, in keeping your homeschooler on track.  Our instructors are here; ready to help in all major subjects, as well as a variety of specialized areas. 

Communication between instructors and parent(s) will be key to the success of your student’s academic year.  When we work together, the load is lightened! 

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